Frontline Self Defense Course

The Frontline self defense course, provides the participants with fundamental Knowledge and skills, to enable them to efficiently defend themselves if necessary, from common acts of violent assault. Recognizing and avoiding risky behavior, choosing a lifestyle that permits practitioners to lessen the chances of or, avoid being targeted by criminals that may wish to manipulate or harm them, is also part of the equation for a happy and safe existence.

This course is based on the principles and techniques of classical okinawan Karate, which focuses on teaching citizens to defend themselves against common acts of violence. This is accomplished by learning to use the body’s natural tools (hands, feet, arms, legs) if necessary, to strike vital areas to stop a threat as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

The first lessons in the course are discussions on; awareness, what it is, and how best to use it. Expectations, preparedness and healthy ways of using fear to our advantage. Avoiding paranoia and negative mental distractions. Discussions on the law as it pertains to self defense, and how to use force appropriately, and hopefully avoid legal problems.

Positions of advantage and manipulation of space is discussed and practiced, by letting participants experience several strategic concepts related to creating space between you and a threat, taking space and achieving positions of advantage in relation to a threat. This is where students will learn the Karate technique of “Hikite” (pulling hand), this tactic is crucial to understanding Karate, and is very useful in many aspects to defending oneself.
This section of the training is also where various holds and strangulation assaults are studied and learning to avoidance and escape these assaults are practiced.

Next, the students will learn to strike focus pads and other impact equipment with the body’s various natural tools. Enabling the student to learn to transfer energy into the impact equipment so as to cause injury to a threat, and stop the threat as efficiently as possible. Strikes, with the fists, palms, forearms, elbows, knees, shins and feet will be practiced, from standing, seated and other unorthodox positions to let the participants experience many differing angles and uses for all the body’s natural tools.

Vital areas of the body will be learned and studied to complement the ability to strike powerfully, so that the goal of stoping a threat efficiently, should it become necessary, can be achieved. Vital areas include, but not limited to, the throat, side of the neck, jaw line, base of the skull, various areas of the torso, knees and ankles.

Learning to combine the various strikes with vital area targets is next on the agenda. This is where slow target practice with a partner comes into play, followed by learning to recognize assaults (common acts of violence) at the earliest moments possible, and learning to take efficient action to stop the threat.

Finally, in the Frontline Self Defense course comes the simulation drills, which utilize the common acts of violence as triggers for taking action. These drills allow the students to experience in a safe simulation, the process of putting all of the training that they have learned and practiced into practical drills that they can practice during the course as well as with partners after the course has concluded. These drills enhance the performance of the participants, and also increases there understanding of all of the knowledge and skills that they have learned throughout the entire course.

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