Introduction to Defensive Carbine

Introduction to Defensive Carbine course will teach the student carbine rifle basics and how to become efficient in using a carbine rifle for home defense.
This course consists of many practical fundamental drills to help the student to increase their proficiency in operating a carbine in the context of home defense. The students will also learn basic rifle set up, as well as the most useful and practical equipment to use on their rifle such as optics, slings, lasers and lights. This is a fun and practical shooting course.

Students will learn about the following:

Basic rifle & equipment set up

Stance, footwork & 4 points of contact

Sights and when to use them

Rifle optic zeroing

Fundamental defensive shooting drills

Performing reloads efficiently

Shooting around cover

Unorthodox shooting positions

Students will need to bring:

Carbine Rifle (AR, lever action, ect.)

300-400 rounds of ammo

3 magazines (10,20 or 30 round)

2 point or single point sling (sling recommended not required)

open sights or Red Dot optic is recommended

Eye & ear protection (prescription glasses are ok)

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