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Do you provide private lessons?

Yes, Vanguard Personal Defense provides private lessons upon request.

Contact us below for details, pricing or to set up a private lesson.

Do you provide alternate location training?

Yes, Vanguard Personal Defense will travel to you. Provided, you have an approved safe training facility, suitable for the training.

Contact us below for details, pricing or to set up alternate location training.

 I dont own a pistol suitable for concealed carry / home defense.

What type of pistol should I buy?

Purchasing a pistol for concealed carry or home defense should start with several principles in mind.

Efficient: The pistol you choose should require as little time, effort and energy as possible to operate. In other words, the pistol should be simple to operate. Having no unnecessary options such as, external safeties that you have to manipulate to fire the pistol.

Reliability: The pistol you choose should be proven reliable.  Some proven reliable pistols on the market are, modern striker fired autoloading pistols. Examples include, Glock brand of pistols, Springfield Armory XD & XDS line of pistols and Smith & Wesson M&P or Shield. These are just a few good examples of modern striker fired pistols.

Fit: The pistol should fit your hand; make sure that you can reach and operate the trigger, magazine release and any other buttons and levers that are necessary to operate the pistol with your firing hand only.

Feel: The pistol should feel good in your hand. Texture of the grip, angle of the grip and the weight of the pistol should all be taken into consideration.

Caliber: In the majority of defensive circumstances the 9mm Luger is the preferred caliber of choice for several reasons. 9mm cost less to operate, less felt recoil (important for faster follow up shots), greater magazine capacity (carry more ammo) and differences in wounding ability is minimal between 9mm, .40 cal. and 45 cal.

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