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Illinois Concealed Carry Training

Introduction to Concealed Carry

The introduction to concealed carry course is an Illinois approved concealed carry curriculum.
The Introduction Concealed carry course is designed to educate the student about the firearms that are best suited for personal defense and concealed carry. As well as how to use them efficiently in the context of a dynamic critical incident. Also the laws pertaining to the safe and lawful carry and use of a concealed firearm in public.

Upon the successful completion of the class the student will be awarded a certificate of training. This will allow the student to apply with the Illinois State Police (ISP) for the Illinois concealed carry license. At the time you apply with the ISP you will need to pay to the state a fee of $150 for the license.
The course is 16 hours in length and is typically held on Saturday and Sundays.
The training consists of,

Fundamentals of concealed carry:  Topics covered are, action types, handgun types and how to select a handgun to fit your needs. Ammunition, care, storage, & selection. Holsters and holster options as well as training on safe presentation from the holster. How to care for and maintain handguns as well as responsible storage options are also covered.

Fundamentals of defensive shooting:  Defensive concepts, principles & drills will be learned and practiced in the class room with SIRT laser training pistols. Live fire defensive drills and a live fire qualification will be performed on the live fire range.

Illinois FCCA (Firearms Concealed Carry act): The Illinois Firearms Concealed carry act will be taught in this section of training according to the standards set by the Illinois FCCA.

Self defense and the Law:  This subject is covered extensively to ensure all students have an understanding of the Law as it pertains to concealed carry. This section of training is based on Attorney Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense Program of which I am a graduate of the Law of Self Defense Instructor program.

Being a graduate of Attorney Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense Instructor program allows Vanguard Personal Defense the opportunity to knowledgeabley inform attendees on the subject of self defense and the law.  This seminar is not legal advice but simply gives the attendees a greater understanding of the law as it pertains to use of force and a practical way to apply and retain the information and knowledge.

Participants must bring the following:
Eye & ear protection (prescription glasses are OK)
Concealable pistol
Good quality sturdy holster (not required but recommended)
150 rounds of practice ammunition
Drivers license / F.O.I.D. card
Veterans who want 8 hours training credit will need to bring a copy of Military ID or DD214 & will need to attend the 2nd day of training.
Notebook and note taking materials

There are three options for the Introduction to Concealed Carry course

Option 1: Hosted Course

With this option the host must provide the class room facility for the 12 hour lecture portion of the course. The live fire portion of the course will be held at Vanguard Personal Defense private pistol range.

Course fee is $125 per student with a 3 student minimum (10 student max)

Option 2: Private Course

With this option the lecture portion of the course is held at a hosted location that the student will provide. The live fire portion of the course is held at Vanguard Personal Defense private pistol range.

Course fee is based on student enrollment.

1-student $350

2-students $250 per student

Course combines Intro to concealed carry course and Defensive Focus® Shooting.

3-6 students $150 per student

Course is the standard 16 hour Introduction to Concealed Carry course.

Private courses are subject to schedule availability.

Option 3: Public courses

These courses are scheduled throughout the year and are held at various venues. These courses are open to the public. Course fees vary by venue.


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